The Left 1/31 4:00 AM China Syndrome Liberalism A look at the Left’s self-induced PC meltdown
Sports 1/30 6:23 PM Super Bowl Predictions Our pros weigh in on Pats vs. Seahawks.
Religion 1/31 4:00 AM Sunday Is for Football And church, if you have time for it.
The Middle East 1/29 8:00 PM Never Again Don’t let Iran commit another Holocaust.
The DOJ 1/30 4:00 AM The Scandals at Justice The Senate must demand answers.
The DOJ 1/29 6:15 PM Defeat Lynch A yes vote would approve Obama’s overreach.
Energy 1/30 12:00 AM Obama’s Gas-Price Cover His interests converge with the Saudis’.
Political Culture 1/29 3:00 PM A Mandatory Lifestyle There will be no vaping, thank you.
Culture Watch 1/30 1:11 PM PC Power The Army takes down a reference to “chinks in armor” over accusations of racism.
2016 1/30 11:39 AM Romney Out, Who Benefits? Competition will be good for the GOP.
Impromptus 1/30 12:00 AM Miss Uncongeniality, &c. Jay Nordlinger on the Middle East, pop musicians, sex ed, guns, and more.
Medicare 1/30 12:00 PM Micromanaging Health Care HHS’s newest grand plan to make it over.
2016 1/30 4:00 AM The Walker Boomlet He’s MIA on the middle class.
Culture Watch 1/30 4:00 AM Huck’s Right on Swearing Save the cusswords for when they’re needed.
Iran 1/30 4:00 AM Pass the Sanctions Bill If the Iranians balk, they’re not serious.
Culture Watch 1/29 5:46 PM Shaming Gluten-Free Hipsters A NASCAR Superbowl ad gives offense.
War on Terror 1/30 2:00 AM Of Treachery and the Taliban Obama's war-on-terror fiascoes mount.
Energy 1/30 4:00 AM Russian Money, U.S. Energy Is Russia subverting our energy sector?
Higher Ed 1/29 2:54 PM A Sisterly Dictatorship? New edict about UVA from national sororities upsets basically everyone.
Free speech 1/30 4:00 AM Banning ‘Wrongheaded’ Speech One cheer for the University of Chicago.
Foreign Policy 1/30 12:00 AM A Better Cuba Deal All their political prisoners should be released.
Middle East 1/30 12:00 AM Our Pals the Beheaders Let’s not get too friendly with the Saudis.
POTUS 1/29 10:00 AM Negotiating with Terrorists Nothing new for this president.
2016 1/30 12:00 AM My Mistaken 2016 Predictions Many are running who I thought wouldn’t.
2016 1/30 12:00 AM The Kochs Ride Again And the Left bemoans our free society.
Education 1/30 4:00 AM Save the Catholic Schools Neighborhoods need them.
Law Enforcement 1/29 4:00 AM De Blasio vs. the NYPD The NYC mayor has lost the police’s trust.
Political Culture 1/30 4:51 PM The PC Virus It’s eating the Left from within.
War on Terror 1/31 4:00 AM The Taliban Are Terrorists Why Obama is desperate to pretend they are not.
Parody 1/31 12:00 AM Scorsese & the Clinton Mafia Preparing for the final go-round.
U.S. & the World 1/31 4:00 AM SEATO of Power The defunct alliance needs to be rebuilt.
Movies 1/30 12:00 PM Black or White Costner at his humane and decent best.
2016 1/30 7:00 PM After Mitt: A GOP Message of Incentives and Growth To unleash American prosperity.
Transportation 1/30 1:00 PM Trouble at TSA Air marshals accuse execs of misconduct.
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